Chaz Horn presents...

How To Solve Your Sales & Marketing Challenges In 2023

(Even If You Don't Have Huge Following Or Engagement On LinkedIn)

*Q&A Hosted via Live LinkedIn Audio Event

Presented by

Chaz Horn

Complementary LinkedIn LIVE Audio Event Q&A Session will help you discover:

  • How to convert a prospect who's ghosting you and never be discouraged by it ever again

  • How to ask the RIGHT questions to attract the right prospects to you

  • Learn the THREE questions to increase your closing percentage quickly

  • How the positioning has changed and what to do on LinkedIn instead in 2023

  • Learn how to incorporate ChatGPT into your Sales Process & Marketing Strategy

Want to get Free LIVE COACHING from the master of B2B sales, Chaz Horn?

Chaz's highly sought after coaching is ONLY for his clients, but Now you'll get his full attention to get your questions answered via LIVE LinkedIn Audio.

*Q&A Hosted via Live LinkedIn Audio Event

LinkedIn Marketing, Business Strategy, Sales, and Mindset



FEBRUARY 2nd @ 11:30 AM CT

*Seats are limited to 100 spots.

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