LinkedIn Marketing, Business Strategy, Sales, and Mindset


LinkedIn Marketing, Business Strategy, Sales, and Mindset



DECEMBER 6th @ 11:30 AM CT

*Seats are limited to 100 spots.

In This Free Q&A And Live Masterclass Series I’ll Share:

  • Q & A Session - Taking all your questions about Sales Process, LinkedIn Marketing, and Business Strategy. Solving your problems LIVE

  • How To Eliminate Being Ghosted

  • How To Increase Your Closing Percentage by 17%

  • How To Schedule Qualified Meetings Daily on LinkedIn w/out Wasting Time

  • The Three Essential Things Needed To Grow Your Business On LinkedIn

  • And much, much more!

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Strategist — Chaz Horn, Founder Of Mastery Of B2B Sales

Our clients have used our Strategy to schedule over 36 Thousand qualified meetings and our Sales Process to onboard over 7,000 New Clients.

"Chaz is a master, when it comes to using LinkedIn as a sales tool. I have used many of his ideas and processes and he has helped me reach more people, more effectively. I highly recommend Chaz as your LinkedIn sales coach..."

Mark Zazeela

"Chaz - is the guru of LinkedIn! He has many strategies and tactics the average member has no idea about. It's the little things, done consistently well, over a period of time that leads to quantum leaps..."

Dan Stalp

"Chaz has been an incredible mentor and teacher. I have learned more about the sale process in my few months working with Chaz than I thought possible. And the best part....Chaz's guidance helped me close more contracts and work with clients that truly appreciated my work."

Kimberly Reuter

"I hit the ceiling with LinkedIn. I got a 10x return with Chaz within 16 weeks. I was successful at building followers but clueless about how to find the people who actually wanted to do business with me. I was naturally skeptical about "selling" using LinkedIn but stuck. Chaz's program gave me the breakthrough I was looking for. Spoiler alert! I paid back my investment 5 times over before I was finished with my coaching with Chaz. He showed me how to properly identify good prospects, reach out to explore and see if there was a fit, and then find clients that made a good match. His program is the best investment I've made to learn now to sell using LinkedIn."

Rex Miller

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